Monday, October 27, 2008


My next project was to gut the boat when it got here and then collect some images of other Tiburon/CR 36's. There are surprisingly few. I then put them all on one page and here they are.

If You own a Tiburon, Please email me and send some pics of your boat.
Trisailingfla (at)
Just replace the (at) with the @ sign. this is so web robots wont pick up the address and try to spam me.

In the yard

This how she looked when I first saw her in the Boat yard at Triton Marine in Oriental, North Carolina. They are nice guys, very laid back. Great place for a boat. They out number people at least 2 to 1. Hard to see all the boats because of the trees, but they are there.
Remember this shot of the galley. It will radically change later.