Thursday, December 16, 2010

New Wood stove and Deck Iron

I am designing a new wood stove and Deck Iron for boats. It will only be used for boats as it will not be EPA rated for residential use. My goal is the make a less expensive stove and deck iron than what is currently available. The deck iron will not be a water trough style. This will be usable in all conditions. It will be a single cast unit for 4" pipe. In the drawing phase now, soon to be making patterns and core patterns and then casting and testing. Not sure whether to patent it or not. Time will tell.

More Progress

I have been working like a mad man to try to get the engine room ready for the engine. Alot of wire and hoses have to be delt with first. Maybe soon. Now the cold weather is slowing me down.

update 11-29-2010