Monday, April 28, 2014

Woodworking Table

As you will see this in more of my posts to follow, I thought I would get this out of the way now. I designed and built this torsion box table to handle any load and still remain flat. I was using doors, but they would not hold up in our very humid climate here in Florida.

It is made with 3 sheets of half inch plywood. The sides and top are rabided together. It is 8 inches tall and 3 feet wide. It has a 2"x2" screwed to three sides
but not the back in case I want to add another to it. It is for a clamping surface. Works very well. I pinned the corners with 1/4" dowel.
Then I could bolt them together for a very large table. It has interior webbing made of plywood dadoed into the top and bottom pieces.

All the pieces a re hollowed out with cut outs to lighten it and for access/tool storage.

From update _10_1_2012

I made a hose holder for the table to keep hoses and cords out of the way.

It is designed to lock onto saw horses so it will not move. Works very well.

From update _10_1_2012

It appears there are a couple of people designing something very simular on Youtube.

I think this guy has the best design, but you have to pay for it. Very cheap. But if you are a woodworker, should be dead simple to figure out.

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